Hua Hong Pian

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Product name: Hua Hong Pian_花红片


Category: Woman's problem

Detailed: Vaginal infection


Function: The formulation of Hua Hong Tablets is pure herbal materials that action of antibiosis and anti-inflammation. Improving blood circulation and metabolism in cavitas pelvis to deplete inflam-leukorrhea and lessen pain. Use for treating endometritis, annexitis, and pelvic inflammation with symptoms of yellowish thich leukorrhea, menstrual disorder, and dysmenorrhea etc.

used for curing vaginal infection, thick & yellow leucorrhoea, endometrium inflammation, pelvic inflammation and annexitis.


Usage: Take 4-5 pills, 3 times daily. 7 days is a treatment period. 2-3 periods is needed. 3 days rest between treatments.


Package: 48 pills/box



1.       Do not take spicy and cold food when take the medicine;

2.       Take careful if you’re pregnant or breeding.









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