Half-month clearing armpit odor powder

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Product Name: Half-month clearing armpit odor powder

Category: Body odor remedies
Detailed: Herbal remedies for armpit odor treatment


Chinese Name: (Ban yue qing armpit odor powder)


Information of Half-month clearing armpit odor powder: The remedies according to the family prescription of professor Zhang hong pan, the descendant of Zhang Zhongjing who was one of the most eminent Chinese physicians during the later years of the Eastern Han. The recipe combined with modern research results is use of scientific methods refined powder made of underarm odor effects. This product as a pure Chinese herb medicine, has the function of sterilizing, deodorization, reducing the exudate secretion, that  help sudoriferous glandthe secrete return to normal, so as to achieve the effect of curing armpit odor, that equivalent to surgical treatment. It create a new method of non-surgical treatment of underarm odor.


Ingredients: Clove, plaster, keel, white vitriol, red pine.


Usage: External using: Hot pack first, then spray the powder on the oxter, 2g per time, 2 times a day, and take massage on the affected part repeatedly. One time a day if the armpit odor disappear gradually.


Package: 60g/box


Side-effect: Some individual may occur roseola or itching parly, this is a skin irritation reaction. Stop taking it is ok.


1. Do not use it if you are pregnant or nursing;
2. Do not use if the affected part are wounded or disabled liver and kidney dysfunction;
3. Keep out of reach of children.
4. Please be careful if you're a sensitiv people.


Valid: 3years

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