Gui Fu Di Huang Wan-Tonifying Kidney Yang Pills

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Gui Fu Di Huang Wan-Tonifying Kidney Yang Pills

Chinese Herbal Formula

Kidney-yang deficiency relief 

Brand: Bijing Tong Ren Tang

About Gui Fu Di Huang Wan: Tonifying the kidney yang pills. Effective in warming and tonifying the kidney-yang, as well as for relieving lassitude and cold feeling in the loins, knees, bulged limbs, dysuria, phlegm-retention syndrome and coughing, loss of libido or sexual impotence, looks pale, lazy to say words, listlessness and low blood pressure.

Ingredients: cassiabarktree, monkshood, prepared rehmannia root, fructus corni, bark of tree peony root, Chinese yam, Poria cocos, and rhizoma alismatis

  • Indications: Helps to nourish kidney Yang Qi and assists to diuresis caused by a deficiency of kidney Yang;Relieves limpness of loins and knees, difficult urination, edema, impotence, chronic, kidey inflammation, diabetes mellitus, and menopause symptoms, such as limpness of loins and knees, afraid of cold, clear abundant urine, thin & white lingual fur and so on.

Direction: Take orally 30 pills each time with warm water, 2 imes daily.


1.       Not suitable for infants under the age of 12 months and pregnant woman,

2.       Not suitable for the people with yellow stool,

3.       Take away from the child.

Package: 360 pills/bottle

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  • Manufactured by: Tong Ren Tang

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