Gua Sha Tools for whole Body-Natural Buffalo Horn

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Product name: Gua Sha Tools-Natural Buffalo Horn


About Natural Buffalo Horn Gua Sha Tools: Gua Sha tools for traditional Chinese treatment. They have been designed using traditional shape and using natural buffalo horn to use professionally.


About Gua Sha:

Gua sha comes from the Chinese words "cao gio" which literally means "catch the wind". Excessive wind causes illness including colds, flu, fever, digestive disorders, pain, urinary and gynecological disorders, headaches and fibromyalgia. Gua sha treatment is Chinese medicine, but gua sha has been considered a home treatment, or folk medicine, and gua sha is usually not practiced by Chinese doctors. It is really a very simple procedure to learn, and to practice.



Gua sha used as it was intended is simple and effective for treating excessive wind illness. The scraping creates a red mark, a "portal for the wind to get out", and relieves stagnation and removes heat.




8 parts of Gua sha therapy

1. on head-head refreshing
The head is the gathering place of Yang meridian. Early morning scrape the head with a gua sha comb can inspire people and let you have a refreshing head. Method: based on acupuncture point overhead as the center scraping the surrounding in scattering until you feel little hot on your head. If you have pain points in this point repeatedly scraping swab 5 to 10 times.




2. On the thenar -ease insomnia
The insomniac can scrape the thenar at night before go sleeping, that can help to promote sleeping, and relieve headaches. Start scraping the thenar from sole to heel and whole foot. Please pay more attention to scrape the Yongquan acupoint on the central part of the thenar with gua sha scraper.

 Yongquan acupoint


Yongquan Acupoint


 3. Scrape the eye to improve eyesight
I believe everyone did eye exercises and is very familiar with some of the points. And replace the finger with gua sha scraper to form a more effective stimulus points. Scraping with the guasha comb from Jingming point to tail of the eye, scrape superior orbit & inferior orbit directions respectively to improve the blood run, relieve eye fatigue, eye dry.



4. Scrape the neck to ease cervical problem
Neck and shoulder discomfort is the common "occupational disease" of many officers. Gua sha can promote blood circle and improve the local blood stasis state. Select three main routes, the midpoint of the hair line to Dazhui point, and the two outer corners of hair line to upper edge of each shoulder. In addition, scrape this part also has the effect of expelling wind if you catch cold.

Dazhui point

 Dazhui Point




5. Scrape sternum to smooth Qi

Many people would be the feeling of chest tightness, shortness of breath in a bad mood or get tired. Scrape sternum with ingle-angle of the gua sha scraper slowly. This position has Tanzhong acupoint which is called "gas collection". Stimulate this position are the role of smooth qi. In addition, people who always hiccup can scrape this area.



6. Scrape flank can relieve liver pressure


Anxiety, depression, irritability, stress can cause long-term function of the whole body disorder. Chinese medicine doctor believe that the normal emotional activities rely on the regulating qi, while the liver in charge of regulating the mood and emotions. As the flank of the body distributes the liver meridian, scraping this area can smooth qi stagnation. Scraping action should be slow to find and the site of pain or nodules.



7. Scrape abdomen can relax the bowels

Long-term constipation will not only affect the digestion function but also makes body absorb toxins. Scrape the abdomen with the surface of the scraper from the top to down, from left to right.



8. Scrape hands & feet to easy and smooth meridian

Women often have the symptoms of cold hands and feet, and the Chinese doctor think that due to yang Qi insufficient, or poor circulation can not pass up Qi to the hands and feet. We propose first scrape four sides of the fingers with the socket of the scraper from the roots to the fingertips, each direction 5 to 10 times. This way similarly can be applied to scrape your feet.



Attention: Clean it with cold water instead of hot mater.




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