Gingko Lipid-lowering Tea

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Product Name: Gingko Lipid-lowering Tea


Brand name: Old Chinese Doctor


Information of Gingko Lipid-lowering Tea: Commonly using of ginkgo leaves and roots so as to strength the effect of ginkgo tea largely. It will be effective function of lowing lipid if you taking 15 days continuously, and the general gingko tea need 30 days taking. As well as the tea has the effect on improving immunity of body owing to coupled with the role of honeysuckle. While this formula the role of lipid-lowering is significant, particularly suitable to the elderly.


Ingredients: Gingko, honeysuckle, sugar, and etc.


Usage: Take one bag one time with boiling water, three times a day. Three bags is a treatment course.


Package: 10 ×15 bags


Valid: 18 months


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  • Manufactured by: Old Chinese Doctor

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