Fuke Qianjin Pian

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Product name: Fuke Qianjin Pian_妇科千金片


Category: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Detailed: Vaginal infection


Function: Taken off the hot and humid stagnation caused by disease. Be used for curing chronic pelvic inflammation, endometritis, chronic cervicitis symptoms: abdominal pain, vaginal discharge yellow and thick, smelly, abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain;

Ingredients: Flemingia, cherokee rose root, creat , angelica, spatholobus stem, radix codonopsitis.


Usage: Take 6 pills with lukewarm water, 3 times daily.


Package: 108 pills/box



作用: 清热除湿,补益化瘀。用于湿热瘀阻所致的带下病、腹痛,症见带下量多、色黄质稠、臭秽,小腹疼痛,腰骶酸痛,神疲乏力;慢性盆腔炎、子宫内膜炎,慢性宫颈炎见上述症状者。


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