Flapper for Meridian Massage

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Product name: Flapper for Meridian Massage


About Flapper for Meridian Massage: the flapper originated from Gua Sha massage theory of Chinese medicine, which acupuncture points and meridians by stimulating the body to promote human metabolism, improve blood circulation. And then excrete toxins through the skin, so as to achieve the efficacy of treatment and health care.


Usage: Flap the part you want to beat for 15-20 minutes and drink some warm water to promote human metabolism.


Package: Length of the flapper: 200mm

        Length of lengthen handle: 95mm



1.       Avoid directly with fans or air conditioning blowing to evil cold vent through the opening pore enters the body, causing new diseases.

2.       Do not beat the inflammatory skin, wound parts or sore parts.

3.       Do not beat the abdomen of the pregnant women.






Flapper For Meridian Massage

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