Fair Magician Facial Care Weight Loss Capsule

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Product name: Fair Magician Facial Care Weight Loss Capsule

About product: This product is made through hyper concentration of various natural substances' fat-removing ingredients, which is intended to provide a targeted regulating of fat storage and decomposition, effectively eliminate vivo toxin and redundant fat, especially play a role on rapid decomposition of redundant fat at waist, abdomen, thign, neck, etc. Still Magic Hairdressing Obesity-attenuation Capsule is a recognized representative product of green healthy weight loss at the present.

Major raw materials: fresh pineapple in Australia, grapes, konjaku flour, chitin, dietary fiber, tea polyphenol, calcium lactate, vitamin C, etc.

Functional composition and content: total flavone content per 100g is greater than 3.8g

Applicable to: persons with simple obesity and obesity after delivery, overweight youth, especially applicable to people with obstinate obesity and persons obtain no effects after repeated weight loss.

Unsuitable for: children, pregnant women and women in lactation period, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cardiopathy patients.

Specification: 300 mg * 60 capsules (bottle)

Usage and dosage: Once a day, two capsules each time for uniform weight loss, and take no more than four capsules at most per day for fast weight loss.

Storage: place in a cool and dry place.

Note: this product is not a substitute of medicine. Some take it will have such symptoms, like anorexia, diarrhea, constipation, dizziness and so on.

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