Dr. Huang Loud Voice Pill-Huang Shi XIang Sheng Wan

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Dr. Huang Loud Voice Pill-Huang Shi Xiang Sheng Wan


Category: Herb medicine

Detailed: Throat care


Ingredients: stercuria, cicada molting, fritillaria, etc.


Indications: Moistening throat, improving voice, clearing heat, transforming phlegm, relieving swelling and relieving pain. It used to treat hoarse voice due to acute or chronic inflammation of the treat.


Package: 0.133g * 72 tablets/box


Direction: Take it orally, 6 tablets each time, 3 times daily


Standard Code: Z32020461



1.       Do not use if you’re pregnant women;

2.       Do not use spicy food or cool food during the period of taking the medicine;

3.       Put away from the children.

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