Detoxifying & Beautifying Capsules

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Product Name: Detoxifying & Beautifying Capsules_排毒养颜胶囊

Chinese name: Pai Du Yang Yan Jiaonang

Category: Herbal skin care & weight loss

Detailed: Acne Blemish Control


Information of Detoxifying & Beautifying Capsules: The formulation inherits theory of Chinese medicine and carries forward the theory to create the new ways of detoxification and beautifying that has been sold well in China for over 10 years old. The special supplement can clean up the body's internal system, and help promote the body health, vitality and skin from within.


Ingredients: rhubarb, unripe bitter orange, mirabilite, ginseng, ovate atractylodes, cistanche, lotus leaf, Cynamchum otophyllum Schneid, Galium yunnanensis.


Functions: Replenish chi and regulate the circulation of blood; relieve constipation and remove toxin.  It is used for acne, face spots and constipation.



For constipation, 3-6 capsules each time, twice daily. Reduce the dosage according to the situation.

For skin problems, 1 capsules at first, once or twice daily. Increase the dosage a bit according to the situation.


Package: 0.4g* 70 capsules/box


Valid: 36 months



1.       Do not take if you’re pregnant;

2.       Do not take spicy food when taking the medicine.

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