Deer Embryo Soft Capsule

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Product name: Deer Embryo Soft Capsule


Category:Herbal Remedy for fertility

Detailed: Increase Fertility


Chinese name:Lu Tai Wan


Main ingredient: Deer embryo, vitamins.


Function: According to the Chinese medicine theory, in women, causes of infertility include ovulation problems, fallopian-tube disorders; and uterus problems, such as cold uterus or hot uterus, which both lead  to not easy to impregnate. As the issue of uterus problems, many people do not know what is cold uterus or hot uterus? Chinese medicine believes that the female uterus cold usually attributed to deficiency of Kidney Yang Qi, not to say that the low temperature of the uterine, but the uterus and its function at low state, seems like the sky without the sun in nature. On the contrary, heat uterus refer to there are inflammations in uterus. This became the main cause of female infertility in addition to fallopian-tube problems. The product is apply for painful period, irregular period, abdomen cold and painfull, little menstrual volume and excessive bleeding not during menses, to warm the uterus and increase of ovary and hasten pregnancy.


Usage: 4 capsules each time, 2 times daily.


Package: 500mg * 200 capsules/bottle


Valid: 24 months

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