Chrysanthemum Health Care Tea

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Product Name: Chrysanthemum Health Care Tea


 Brand name: Old Chinese Doctor


Information of Chrysanthemum Health Care Tea: Dispel toxin heat of liver and enhance liver detoxification capacity. Apply to ease symptom of cold, sore throat, dizziness and blood pressure. As well as has the assisted function for acne and comedo. Take two bags after drinking, it can help you to dealcoholic half-hour. Also paly role in moderating fatty liver under middle-level.


Ingredients: mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum and etc.


Function: The chrysanthemum health care tea can dispel toxin heat and enhance liver detoxification capacity to effectively get rid of fatigue, especially fatigue mental caused. Suitable for below people:

1. Who is often work overtime or under work pressure;
2. Who is often anxious about something;
3. Who drink too much;
4. Who trand to have acne on face;
5. Who has hypertension.


Usage: Take one bag one time with boiling water, three times a day.


Package: 10g ×15 bags


Vliad: 18 months

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  • Manufactured by: Old Chinese Doctor

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