Brucea Fruit Oil Capsule-Lung cancer, liver cancer

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Product name: Brucea Fruit Oil Capsule


Category: Chinese medicine

Detailed: Pure Herbal Medicine for lung cancer, liver cancer


Ingredient: Brucea Fruit Oil,soybean lecithin and etc



Indications: Brucea Fruit Oil Capsule is pure natural herbs formulation, which apply to cure or relive lung cancer,  brain metastases of lung cancer, lung carcinomatosis, alimentary canal tumor, and adjunctive therapy of liver cancer. The most significant effect of Brucea Fruit Oil Capsule is analgesic effect and it can improve the immune function, that is mainly embodied firstly the brucea Javanica emulsion and oleic acid emulsion have obvios damage to the cancer cells; secondly, the bruceae oleic acid can inhibit the synthesis of DNA in cancer cells to inhibit metastasis and proliferation of cancer cells and stunt the growth of tumors, thirdly this medicine can improve body's immune function thereby to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy on the human body. 


Package: 0.53* 24 tablets/box


Usage: Oral take. 4 pills for each time, 3 times daily. 30 days as a treating period



Cautions: The medicine has little side effect, but some user has some symptoms of queasy, greasy.



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