Baby Protecting Special Pill_Bao Ying Dan-3 Boxes

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Product name: Baby Protecting Special Pill_Bao Ying Dan


Category: Herbal medicine for baby

Detailed: For infants 0-5 years of age


Brand:Po Wo Tong(Hong Kong)

hurricane lamp-10%
winter mulberry leaf-7.5%
cicada ecdysis-7.5%
trichosanthes root-7.5%
Paeonia Lactiflora-7.5%
radix platycodi-7.5%
Fritillaria cirrhosa-5%
rhizoma gastrodiae-5%
and etc

Function: Bao Ying Dan is old tradictional fomula with one-hundred-year history,that refined
made of many previous herbs is applied to prevent and treat flu and cough symptoms and other common children problems like restlessness at night, poor appetite, vomiting of milk, excessive air in the stomach and diarrhoea.Symptoms: Bronchitis; Convulsion; Cough;Diarrhea; Gastralgia; High fever; Loss of consciousness; Nausea; Night crying; Pneumonia; Respiratory tract obstruction; Vomiting; Index capillaries are red and large (first and second phalanges); Red complexion; Upper and middle ear capillaries are red.

Direction:1/2 bottle for infants less than one month old; 1 bottle for one-monthe old to

one- year old infants; 2 bottle for infants 2-5 years of age. 2-3 times daily. Mix with

boiling warm water befor administration.

Package: 0.3g * 10 bottle * 3 boxes

Attention: Wet nurses and babies taking the pills should adviod seafood,cold and oily food.

Storage:Keeping from moisture and light.

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