Appendicitis Tablets-For acute and chronic appendicitis

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Product name: Appendicitis Tablets

Chinese name: Lanweiyan Xiaoyan Wan

Category: Chinese medicine

Detailed: Pure Herbal Medicine for acute and chronic appendicitis


Ingredient: Honeysuckle, herba taching, field pennycress, Dandelion, Caulis, Chinaberry fruit, Chinese rhubarb, radices saussureae, semen benincasae, Peach kernel, Radix Paeoniae Paeoniae, Scutellaria baicalensis.


Indications:  Appendicitis tablets is a 100% herbal medicine for acute and chronic appendicitis. It is applied for allaying inflammation, stopping pain, clearing away heat and toxin materials. With no side-effect and without sugar.

Package:  6 g * 10 packs/box


Usage: Oral takes 6g(one pack)for each time, 3 times daily. 7 days is a treatment period


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