Anti-Hemorrhoids Suppository(Rong Chang Gang Tai)

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Product name: Anti-Hemorrhoids Suppository(Rong Chang Gang Tai)


Category: Hemorrhoids pain curing

Detailed: Herbal hemorrhoids suppository


Ingredients:Radix Sanguisorbae(carbonited), Galla Chinenisi, Boorneolum Syntheticum, Berberine Hydrochloride, Papaverine Hydrochloride.


Function: Coolness and haemostasis of blood, antidotal and antifebrile, astringent of running sore, assuagement of swelling pain. Used for internal pile due to affection by downward flow of damp heat; the internal part of mixed piles duringand grades marked by symptoms of hematochezia, tumefaction of falling pain, oedema and topical uncomfortableness in anus.


Usage: Giving medicine through rectum. One piece each time and 1-2 times a day. External use it before sleeping or after defecation. Put the equipped fingertip on your forefinger, unrip package, take out the suppository and insert it in the anus for 2 cm deepness gently(see giver the demonstration fingures).


Package: 1g* 6 pieces/box


Attention: Use it cautiously for the liver and renal inadequacy should not use it.


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