Anti-Esophagus Cancer San-A Treating Period Package

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Product name: Anti-Esophagus Cancer San

Category: Chinese medicine

Detailed: Herbal Medicine for Esophagus Cancer

Main ingredient: ginseng, gen-seng, HALITUM PURPUREUM, pearl, calculus bovis factitious, bear gall powder, Scorpio, chilopod, asarum, notoginseng, vermilion.

Function: Clinical used in esophagus blocked, hard to swallow, unable to eat or drink, swallow pain, cardiac spasm, and symptoms caused by middle and advanced esophageal cancer. Also it is applied for assisting of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

Usage: Oral take. 0.3-0.5 g each time, 3-5 times a day. 4 boxes for a treating period.

Package: 10g * 4 boxes


1.       Unsuitable for pregnant women and bleeding people;

2.       Do not eat onion, garlic and spicy, cold, seafood and tea;

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