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About product: Ninghong Congou, also named Ninghong Gongfu tea, which is produced in Xiushui county, Jiangxi province of China. Xiushui is located in the north of Jiangxi where have the unique natral condiction climate,such as green mountains, fertile soil, abundant rainfall and mild. And the fog is always around the hills, it is very conducive to the growth of tea, Ninghong gongfu. Xiushui has been producing tea for 1,000 years. Ning Hong production began in the mid-Qing Dynasty around 1823, in the year 1904 it is listed as a tribute tea. According to Chinese tea expert Mr. Wu Juesheng, ninghong came into being 90 years earlier than keemun black tea. Between 1892 and 1894, ninghong reached its peak in international market, at that time, annual export quantity is 7,500 tons. Mr. Wu said when he visited Longdon in 1934, he could find tea marked as ninghong every where, however, they were keemun actually, a lot of companies sold keemun as ninghong then.



This Ninghong black tea features well-formed dry leaves with golden tips and dark bodies. The leaves are long and gently twisted, revealing varying shades of browns and golds. Once brewed, the leaves produce a savory aroma of roasted barley and a rich smooth infusion with a golden syrup-like color. This tea is very smooth and very sweet. The primary flavor that comes through is a decidely strong caramel which is rich, naturally sweet, and imparts an almost-velvety texture to the tea. While the caramel is the most noticeable flavor, there are more subtle chocolate, roasted, and grainy notes present as well.




Function: Black tea contains a compound called theaflavin-3-monogallate (TF-2). It is one of anti-cancer compounds family called polyphonols. TF-2 fights against colon cancer cells. It leads cancer cells to “commit suicide” in droves.




As green tea, black tea also contains antioxidants to neutralize harmful effects of natural chemical processes. A research result published in Journal of American Heart Association in 2001 found effect of black tea. It found black tea might strength ability of endothelial cells lining blood vessels. It help regulate flow of blood. And black tea can helpe with weight loss,also had the additional benefit of lowering cholesterol levels. Ninghong slimming tea is made up by Ninghong Gongfu tea as main materials.






Black tea contains fluorin element. Fluoride Ion combines with calcium in the tooth and become Ne apatite. It adheres to the teeth to defend acid.




Research results showed black tea can neutralize germs, including which cause diarrhea, herpes, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections. Milton Schiffenbauer from Pace University also proved that drinking black tea wiped out viruses in our mouth.




How to prepare: To brew Gongfu tea, first put dry tea leaves in teapot, then pour 85-90 degree boiled water into the teaware. standard steeping time is 30 seconds. With a short steeping time the tea will be light and sweet, perfect to drink plainly. With a longer steeping time we advice to add milk, honey or lemon. This tea can be brewed for several rounds.




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