99 Stomach Tonic Granules_Free Sugar

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Product Name: 999 Stomach Tonic Granules(999 Weitai Granular)_Free Sugar


Catogery: Herbal medicine

Detailed: Herbal remedy for stomach Chinese name: San


Chinese name: San Jiu Wei Tai Chong Ji


Information of 999 Stomach Tonic Granules: The prepared herbal combination in  999 stomach tonic granules is believed as excellent to assist the body's natural digestive processes in China.


This herbal remedy helps strengthen the regulatory mechanism of stomach, promote the function of the metabolic system and make the affected stomach back to normal. 999 stomach tonic granules may heal atrophic gastritis to malignant change, thus prevent gastric cancer.


Functions: regulates the gastrointestinal activity and glandular secretion, promote recover of gastric disease, promotes the protein synthesis in various organs and microcirculation, improves the nutrient supply to the damaged tissues, and stops the pathological changes of atrophic gastritis.
Use for Chronic gastritis, superficial, erosive and atrophic gastritis, etc. Peptic and duodenal ulcer, gastric pain and distension, gastric hyperacidity and discomfort, epigastric pain, dyspepsia, etc.


Ingredients: Evodia lepta, murraya jasminorage, Rehmannia (unprocessed root tuber),Radix zanthoxyli, Baikal skullcap root, tuckahoe, rehmanniae, and Chinese peony (root).


Usage: Take one bag with boiling water for one time, 2 times daily. 15 days is a treatment course.


Package: 2.5g * 6 bags/box



1.Do not eat any spicy food during medicine-time;

2.Under the guidance of the doctor if you're pregnant;

3. Put it away from the child.

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