999 Hemorrhoid-Relieving Tablet (999 Zhi Ning Pian)

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999 Hemorrhoid-Relieving Tablet (999 Zhi Ning Pian)


Category: Hemorrhoids curing

Detailed: Herbal medicine for Hemorrhoid-Relieving


Ingredients: sanguisorba, biota leaf, sophora flower, tangkuei, scutellaria, white peony root, etc.


Indications: Clearing heat, cooling blood, moistening dryness and expelling wind. It can be used to treat nasal bleeding due to hemorrhoids and swollen pain resulted from internal binding of excessive heat or stasis of damp-heat.


Package: 0.48g*40 tablets/box


Direction: Take it orally, 3-4 tablets each time, 3 times daily


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