25 Flavors Lung Disease Pills-Tibetan Medicine

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Product name: 25 Flavors Lung Disease Pills

Chinese name: 25Wei Feibing Wan

Category: Chinese medicine

Detailed: Pure Herbal Medicine for Lung Disease

Ingredient: sanders, red flower, grape, liquorice, artificial bezoar, chebule and other total 25 flavors of herbal medicine.


Indications: the medicine has the function of expelling toxin and hot, reducing inflammation, relieving cough. It is applied for asthma, emphysema, old chronic and acute bronchitis, pneumonia and cough, having fever, hard to breathe, night sweat and other symptom caused by lung disease. As well as used for lung tumour aid therapy.

Package: 0.5 g * 48 tablets 


Usage: Oral takes 2-3 tablets for each time, 2 times daily.


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